About us

About HTS Estates

HTS Estates Limited is a Cambridge based, family owned and run business with nearly 100 years of history. Throughout the generations the company has remained committed to the belief that, whatever the project, how customers and suppliers are treated remains the most important thing of all.

Our Mission Statement: A straight forward and accessible company that strives to deliver quality services and products, thereby providing a sustainable concern for all stakeholders.


HTS Estates Limited owns and manages a diverse portfolio of both residential and commercial properties in Cambridge and the surrounding area. Through active portfolio management, investments and development the business has created and continues to expand a portfolio of property assets to deliver long term sustainability of revenue and capital growth. In all areas of the business HTS Estates Ltd works closely with both tenants and suppliers and has illustrated the ability to be responsive to the changing demands and economic circumstances of stakeholders. This website shows a selection of current properties owned and managed by HTS Estates Ltd.


HTS Estates Ltd believes in working alongside tenants to provide properties which deliver to requirements as tenants’ business demands change over time. At the same time there is the continual attention to improve the quality of the properties under management and therefore enhance the sustainability of their occupation. With this focus and experience in both investment and development, HTS Estates Ltd is able to tailor leases to match specific business requirements and has built and adapted units explicitly for tenants’ requirements. In this manner HTS Estates Ltd is able to optimise and continually improve the portfolio of properties as investments with sustainability of income and value.

Our History

HTS Estates Limited has been a family owned and run Cambridge based business since 1929. The business has evolved from a small trading concern in the tyre industry to a property investment, management and development business. With a long history in Cambridge and East Anglia the business has always believed in working closely with both customers and suppliers and being directly accessible and accountable to both. These values continue to be at the heart of all areas of the business today.


Consistent with the proactive management, improvement of assets and the development of new properties, HTS Estates Ltd has and continues to create a portfolio of long-term sustainable investments. Growth has been achieved from both organic evolvement of properties which have been owned and managed for many years, purchase and development of sites to enhance existing tenant relationships, and speculative purchases and development of sites with the opportunity for improved asset management and growth.


HTS Estates Ltd and its directors have a history of developing both commercial and residential properties for their own purposes, specifically for tenants and speculatively dating back to the 1960’s. These developments range from modifications of existing buildings to new developments on both brownfield and greenfield sites. This website shows a selection of historical projects, recent projects and on-going developments.

Our People

Whilst a family business, HTS Estates Limited is fortunate to have a highly qualified and experienced board of directors. On a day to day basis how customers and supplies are treated remains paramount. Therefore the directors work closely with suppliers, tenants and advisers to enable them to understand and react to the demands and changes experienced by all its customers regardless of their structure, size or industry. In order to deliver this level of service the directors believe in being accessible to all and responsive to requirements.