The directors of HTS Estates strive to be approachable, responsive and responsible landlords working closely with tenants. In this way the business is able to offer a quality service, liaising with tenants and suppliers to create a sustainable and quality reputation and consequently business. Please do not just take our word for it but read the comments of tenants with first-hand experience.

"We have thoroughly enjoyed our time living in Lawrence House and appreciate Sally’s prompt attention to any maintenance issues that have arisen during our stay.

We are grateful for the positive experience we've had as a tenant under HTS management and would like to thank for their professionalism and responsiveness."

Huseyin Kir

"We have been tenants of HTS Estates for 12 and half years and it has been a pleasure to deal with them. Nick or Zane have always been prompt to answer any queries if needed or made themselves available should we wish to meet up. They have been great Landlords and I would thoroughly recommend them."

Jennifer Hinton
Cambridge Chiropody & Podiatry

"A supportive and understanding landlord / tenant relationship is extremely important and HTS give us just that. Having HTS as both landlord and managing agent means that they understand our needs completely and genuinely care about the health of our business. As a growing company we have been very grateful of Nicks support and advice, both as landlord and business mentor. HTS will always make time for any enquiry, no matter how small and it will be given their full attention. To me, HTS show such a high standard in what they do and I feel very lucky to occupy one of their properties."

Simon Crack
Cerakote UK

"HTS have been supportive and helpful landlords. They are friendly, efficient and professional. They have had a genuine interest in our business. A pleasure to work with."

Tracy Wyatt
Cambridge Bed Centre

"I have found working with Nick excellent. He is both friendly and efficient, making for an effective professional relationship"

Luis Navarro
Nanna Mexico

"We have rented a property from HTS Estates for many years. Approximately 18 months ago they purchased a large building behind us which they renovated very stylishly over a period of a year. Whilst the building works were in progress they liaised with us throughout so we did not incur any surprises and compensated us for any issues we found that interfered with the running of our daily business. The staff were always on hand and extremely helpful. Nick is always just a phone call away and happy to help with any problems. I cannot recommend HTS highly enough"

Suzie Kaloo
Barkers Bakery

"I have been as managing director of SATA UK Ltd, a tenant of HTS Estates, for approximately 8 years. We have been fortunate to occupy a new unit built by HTS Estates and have been very pleased with the quality of the build and management of the overall premises which is shared with other tenants of HTS Estates. As a landlord Nick Brown shows a genuine interest in our business and has always been accessible and responsive to any property issues that arise. This relationship has proved successful and helps us focus on our business. We would happily recommend Nick and HTS Estates Ltd to others and hope to continue to work with them in the future."

Matt Stevens

"Nick and HTS Estates have been very helpful from the beginning, the negotiations for the conditions of the lease and premises have all been adhered to and have aided in our success as a company. Where we have had any issues Nick has been quick to resolve them and has kept to his word on all accounts. If we were to move from this premises to another and HTS Estates had a suitable unit we would not hesitate to move in."

Ed Upward
Motoworks Cambridge

"We have been in your unit for more than 9 years and at every turn you have been helpful and supportive. In particular your willingness to be flexible when circumstances have changed for us has been refreshing. The building has met all our operational needs although, in the end, we did outgrow it, hence the move.

So, thank you for all your help and I know our old unit will provide an excellent new home for another small business."

Gavin Davidson
Safety Devices International Ltd

"The Colours of Dance Studios are very happy to provide a testimonial for HTS Estates. They are excellent landlords for us, from the very start being approachable, friendly, helpful, transparent and ethical in their dealings. We have found that the friendly and positive relationship has continued consistently during the last 3 years, as they respond quickly and positively to concerns and questions and always keep us informed about any building works that might affect us or our clients. They also promote friendly support among and between the tenants and all of this leads to a positive working environment."

The Colours Of Dance Studios

"The rented properties in Cambridge are quite demanding and we are lucky to find our accommodation near the Mill Road, where there is a number of properties owned by HTS Estates. Those houses and apartments are modern and very spacious.
We have viewed quite a lot of new-built houses from different developers around Cambridge, I can truly tell that HTS is one of the very few developers which maintain a high quality of their properties, no matter it is about the exterior design or interior decoration.
The support and response from the owner are particularly important to tenant. We appreciate the friendliness and supportiveness of Nick and his team. Sally is immensely helpful and able to provide quick response to our questions, and even after non-office hour. She does follow through all the outstanding cases and work effectively with the builder in dealing with the property matters.
My family and I are happy in living in the property of HTS and we treasure the relationship with HTS. With no doubt, we would highly recommend the properties of HTS Estates."

Allen Yeung

"Living at Lawrence House was a lovely experience. Throughout the renting process and our stay at the flat, Sally was always lovely and very helpful with everything.

The flat it’s very modern, a lovely place to live. Really peaceful inside of the building, the garden outside it’s lovely and the bicycle shed it’s just very handy and safe."

Mónica Espírito Santo

"We had heard stories of how difficult it is to find decent accommodation in Cambridge at short notice. However, as soon as we saw the listing of one of the apartments in Lawrence house, we were quite sure it is the right place for us. The interiors looked modern and spacious. The rent seemed reasonable for its size and location. We made an enquiry and to our surprise, the documentation was straight forward and smooth we were able to finalise the lease agreement for the apartment immediately.

Moving into a new place always needs support and Sally has been always helpful and accessible. Right from helping us settle in to answering all our queries. We have really been lucky to find a beautiful house and would highly recommend HTS Residential properties."

Karan Aneja

"Nick and his team have proved to be excellent landlords over the years. Problems have been dealt with swiftly, and the terms of the lease have been known and kept to without fail……….. Sadly from our point-of-view HTS Estates sold the premises……… Sometimes you don’t realise what a good landlord you had until that changes. Nick always kept in touch, stuck to appointment times, invoiced us at the correct time and communicated well"

Andrew Hickson
Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services

"We have been tenants with HTS Estates for the past 11 years. It was our first time having a landlord, and the personal approach that Nick and his team have provided over these years, has, I feel made the experience a two way process and one which I would endorse for any future tenant."

James Godfrey
NFU Mutual

"From day one, HTS Estates have been very supportive towards our business needs. HTS Estates are always on hand should our company have any queries or requirements."

Gary Hinton
Cambridge Chiropody

"Enterprise Rent-A-Car began a relationship with HTS Estates in 1996 as we were expanding throughout East Anglia. The wealth of knowledge and local connections HTS brought to the table were key factors in Enterprise’s successful growth. Unlike other property companies, HTS brings a true “partnership” style of management. Nick and his team find ways to make projects work that benefit all parties. I highly recommend HTS and their services."

Steve Yockey
Enterprise Rent-a-car

"We love living at Lawrence House, not only is our flat light, bright and beautifully fitted with the latest appliances but HTS, as a management agency, have been second to none. Any minor problems are resolved quickly and efficiently by lovely people - a far cry from previous renting experiences when, after signing a contract, you are left to your own devices if problems occur. We highly recommend renting with HTS."

Sarah Finan